DANIEL DELANDER, London c1720

A particularly fine George I quarter repeating spring table clock by one of the most eminent London clockmakers.   The ebony veneered case stands on moulded block feet and rises to a bell top surmounted by an elaborate brass carrying handle. 

The six inch brass dial is mounted with a silvered chapter ring with mask head spandrels and three subsidiary dials.  The upper central subsidiary dial indicates the day of the month, the other two adjacent to either side of the chapter ring are for strike silent and rise and fall regulation.  The centre of the dial is finely matted with a false pendulum aperture and a polished cartouche signed by the maker, Dan Delander, London. 

The high quality eight day duration movement with spring suspended verge escapement has hour strike sounded on a bell and the quarters repeated on a nest of five bells.  The back plate is exquisitely engraved in the manner of Thomas Tompion and George Graham with scrolls, foliage and ho ho birds around the maker’s signature. 

Daniel Delander was born in 1678 and first apprenticed in 1692 to Charles Holdstead.  He was later transferred to Thomas Tompion and went on to become Tompion’s journeyman working alongside George Graham.  His close association with Thomas Tompion led to him inheriting and developing Tompion’s skills, and he invented a duplex escapement.  He is recognised as one of the most reputable clockmakers of his period.

Height excluding the handle: 15 in (38 cm)

Clockmaker: DANIEL DELANDER, London
Circa: 1720
Stock Number: 3875
Height: excluding handle, 15 inches (38 cm.)