DANIEL QUARE, London, c1695

  DANIEL QUARE, London, c1695

An imposing William and Mary spring table clock by one of the most eminent English clockmakers.  The ebony and gilt metal mounted case, with typical Quare escutcheons and bold carrying handle, is of a small and well-proportioned size.

The eight-day duration movement with quarter repeating mechanism, verge escapement and a foliage engraved backplate around the maker’s signature.

Daniel Quare was a worthy contemporary of Thomas Tompion.  Born in 1647 he was admitted as a Brother of the Clockmakers’ Company in1671 and served as Master in 1708.  Towards the latter part of his career he went into partnership with Stephen Horseman who had been apprenticed to him.  When Daniel Quare died in 1724, Horseman carried on the business until 1733.

Height, excluding handle, 13 in (33 cm)

Clockmaker: DANIEL QUARE, London
Circa: 1695
Stock Number: 4115
Height: 13 inches (33 cm.)