NICHOLAS MASSEY, London c1695

A William and Mary quarter repeating spring table clock in an ebonised and brass mounted case.

The 7 ½ inch (19 cm) square brass dial is mounted with winged cherub spandrels and a silvered chapter ring all within a wheatear engraved border.  The centre is finely matted with a wide champhered aperture to view the false pendulum and a plate behind signed by the maker.  The winding holes are ringed and above 6 o’clock is an aperture to view the day of the month.  The steel pointers are finely pierced and facetted.  Above 12 o’clock and with the engraved border is a strike/silent option. 

The two train fusée movement has a knife edge verge escapement with a large pierced and engraved back cock.  The quarters are repeated on four bells and the hours sounded on a larger single bell.  The backplate is elegantly engraved with foliage around the maker’s bold signature.

Massey was of French origin and is recorded of having worked at Cranborn Street in the parish of St Anne, Westminster.  He is recorded by Loomes as a maker of watches and bracket clocks.

Height: 15 in (38 cm)

Clockmaker: NICHOLAS MASSEY, London
Circa: 1695
Stock Number: 4091
Height: 15 inches (38 cm.)