J.H. ALLIS, Bristol / London c1820

  J.H. ALLIS,  Bristol / London c1820

An exceptional regency longcase regulator encapsulating all the features associated with the finest precision timekeepers. Standing only 73 inches (185.5cm) high, the case is veneered with the best richly figured mahogany, which has now achieved an excellent colour and good patination. 

Standing on a single plinth, the moulded panelled base rises to a glazed door with a pull forward chamfer top hood above. The back board is similarly veneered.

The 12 inch (30cm) diameter silvered and engraved brass dial is laid out in the traditional regulator style with an outer minutes ring, large seconds ring and hours chapter dial beneath.

The eight-day duration movement is of the highest quality with substantial plates separated by six large turned pillars. 

The movement includes:

Jewelled deadbeat escapement
Maintaining power
High count pinions
End stops
Four brass brackets securing the movement to the seat board
Beat adjustment

The large back cock from which the mercury pendulum hangs is attached to the 1½ inch thick back board. The pendulum with double roller suspension is constructed of steel. The pendulum swings above a silvered engraved beat plate mounted on a mahogany block. The movement is driven by a small rectangular brass cased weight of only 4lbs (almost 2kg) suspended from an offset pulley which is concealed to give a neater appearance. The whole movement is enclosed within a mahogany dust box. 

Allis, whose name is engraved to the dial, is not the maker of this regulator. Most probably he was a high class retailer working in Bristol who commissioned the clock from one of the best London makers for use in his own retail outlet.

Clockmaker: J.H. ALLIS, Bristol / London
Circa: 1820
Stock Number: 4266
Height: 73 inches (185.5 cm.)